Dinner at Gitmo

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The republicans started to discredit the leaked log of Gitmo torture yesterday, once again not by provided facts or even disputing the torture practices. Rep Duncan Hunter chairman of the House Armed Services Committee appeared on CNN in a live press conference defending Gitmo. The short video linked to here through crooksandliars.com(scroll down a little for CNN Gitmo video) is a must watch and left me wondering if Mr. Hunter is for real. Note the use of the word killers when he describes the prisoners at Gitmo. If in fact some of these people are killers(and some may in fact be) then why don't we take them through the legal system and convict them as such. The most ridiculous thing I have heard in maybe my lifetime is Duncan Hunter saying that the people in Gitmo have "never been treated better in their lives." If the treatment at Gitmo is so plush, maybe Mr. Hunter would like to offer up his family for internment, I mean summer camp.


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