Gitmo Investigation Commission?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

White House press secretary Scott McClellan gave a briefing today and among other things answered questions about Guantanamo. A reporter asked if the White House has any plan to set up an independent commission to look into the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo. To this question McClellan answered "I think there have been 10 such investigations launched-major investigations launched by the Department of Defense. They have looked into these issues. They continue to look into allegations of abuse. People are being held to account, and we think that's the way to go about this."
The reporter then asked "So you would rule out supporting any sort of independent or bipartisan commission?" In response to this Mr. McClellan said "I would say the Department of Defense has worked to address these issues and hold people accountable and take steps to prevent abuse from happening again where it has occured."
What is unbelievable is the administration's view that the Department of Defense can and should investigate and "police" itself. Later in the briefing, Scott McClellan points out that it has been a relatively small number of people that have been involved in any "wrongdoing", but again this is only the number that the Department of Defense has reported on; reporting on itself. Maybe another way to look at this situation is to imagine you suspect your daughter of being in an abusive relationship, would you be comfortable with her spouse launching an in-depth investigation into his own actions? Or would you rather put that in the hands of the courts and or police?


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