Gitmo Torture Practices Revealed

Monday, June 13, 2005

Time magazine has recently obtained an 84-page interrogation log from Gitmo Camp. The log documents the interrogation of Detainee 063 and is the first inside look at the interrogation process.
The log reveals the disgusting practices going on in Gitmo by the US government in our name. Some of the interrogation minutes were released from Time and show the pattern of abuse escalating. Another press release from Time goes a little deeper into the various techniques used at Gitmo. Some of these include dripping water on detainees, stripping them of clothing and "invasion of space by a female".
Once again we are slapped in the face with the reality and hypocrisy of this administration. We are torturing human beings in Gitmo! Clearly the administration has even discontinued denying these injustices as you can read in the "official" response from the Department of Defense. Instead the administration is now employing the "ends justify the means" strategy.
The question begs to be asked: how exaggerated does the Amnesty International report seem now? The writing is on the wall, we need to shut down the Gitmo torture camp now.


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