International Red Cross Committee: The GOP Goes On The Attack

Thursday, June 16, 2005

First it was Amnesty International, now the GOP has the International Committee of the Red Cross in their sights. The Republican Policy Committee recently published a report titled "Are American Interests Being Disserved by the International Committee of the Red Cross?". The report calls on the Bush administration to ask the Government Accountability Office to review Red Cross operations.
It would appear that the GOP has a problem with the fact that the US is the largest contributor to the ICRC and that they are not "advancing American interests". According to the report, the ICRC "is in direct opposition to the advancement of US interests. For this, the ICRC needs to be scrutinized and its actions addressed".
The GOP seems to believe that because the US funds 28% of the ICRC budget they should not scrutinize the actions of the US government. This school of thought is pushed throughout the report time and time again with one section stating "In some cases, actions and statements by the ICRC have run contrary to the interests of the American taxpayer, the ICRC's single largest donor".
While this is true, does that mean the ICRC should not lobby for arms-control issues such as the ban of land mines, and the reinterpretation of the Chemical Weapons Convention? These are examples used in the report of the ICRC not having the US governments interests' in mind. The report itself is not much more than the classic "Rove" type attack that seeks to discredit and destroy. The report goes on to state that "the ICRC is no longer an impartial and trustworthy gaurdian: it has become yet another clamoring interest group like Amnesty International."
This coming from the largest interest group in the world: the GOP. Of course, no report from the Republicans would be complete without the fear-inspiring 9-11 reference, which can be found on the last page.
Excatly when did the memo go out that stated all humanitarian organizations had to make it their policy to further the cause of the US government and its policies? If you give money to a charity do you then try to force the charity to better your life, or are you giving because you want to help?


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