The Real Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You would never see or hear this on the American news, but the U.S. government has admitted to using napalm in Iraq. This is in direct violation of the Geneva Protocol and the 1980 Convention on Certain Chemical Weapons (CCW). Of course in classic "Orwellian" form they classify them as firebombs and not napalm. The weapon being used is the MK77, this 750lb bomb is an aluminum container filled with 75 gallons of kerosene-based jet fuel, polystyrene and benzene. This creates a sticky combustible gel that cannot be exstinguished. As if this type of weapon was not dangerous enough, there is no stabilizing tail or fin on the MK77, thus making the bomb very unprecise. Maybe I am off base here, but didn't we go to war with Iraq to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction? Or did we go there to spread weapons of mass destruction?
"We napalmed both those bridge approaches, unfortunately there were people there because you could see them in the cockpit video. They were Iraqi soldiers there. It's no great way to die. The generals love napalm, it has a big psychological effect."-Colonel Alles(Commander of Marine Air Group 11)

"Usually we keep the gloves on. For this operation, we took the gloves off"-Capt. Erik Krivda(officer in charge of 1st Infantry Division's Task Force 2-2; Fallujah)

The United States military, in your name, the name of the American citizen, has now used land mines and napalm/chemical weapons on the people of Iraq. What other regime in the world does things like this to people, and what do we think of them? What would happen if another country used chemical weapons on our people? What if another country kidnapped and imprisoned people from our country? Why is this accepted to do to the people of Iraq, what did they do to us?
The administration does not go to great lengths to deny what we are doing. It's right there to see, plain as day. We went to war with Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, there were none so we dropped some of our own on them. We went to war with Iraq to fight terrorism, there was none so we brought some of our own.


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