Global Warming?

Friday, July 08, 2005

What is our congress doing about global warming? We know the administration's stand on the issue: it doesn't exist, and if it did then doing anything about it would hurt our economy. Joe Barton is Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce he recently sent a letter out to three of the world's most prominent global warming scientists demanding to see all the financial support they have recieved. Barton is also demanding to see the funding for every study they have done and the archives for all the studies they have published.
Why would Mr. Barton send intimidating letters to these scientists instead of having them appear before the Congress for a Committee hearing? The answer is simple, in his 11 years on the Committee Joe Barton has not held one single hearing on global warming. Fortunately for us, Henry Waxman is asking the same questions. Mr. Waxman recently sent a letter to Joe Barton requesting him to withdraw his letters of demand and hold a hearing to discuss global warming on an intellectual level. Thanks to Stephen McArthur for bringing this to my attention.


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