Iraq Update

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

In an update to a recent post I made about archeological sites in Iraq, I thought it would be worth noting (since you won't hear this kind of stuff in the news) that the World Monuments Fund has for the first time in its 40 year history named an entire country endangered. The list was released Wednesday June 22, 2005. That's right the whole country has been listed as well as specific sites such as: the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh, the ziggurat in Ur, the temple precinct in Babylon, and the ninth-century spiral minaret in Samarra. Why did we go there again?


jj said...

It is a a shame that we (US) dont give a damn about anything above the ground in the middle east not even the people let alone the incredible archeological sites.

Remember the we protected the Oil Ministry but left the Museum and the other Ministry's to the looters.

jmcmaster said...

Nice link, not sure if you've seen any of the plans for the Iraq to Isreal pipeline. The Muslims in the area should love that one.

jj said...

No I have not seen that one. Do you have a link for pipeline?

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