Is Iraq Better? Part 4

Friday, July 22, 2005

Are the people of Iraq better off after the U.S. led invasion and occupation of Iraq? Maybe you should ask the women of Iraq that question. After a brief moment of hope, the future of the Iraqi women looks bleak. Reports are begining to surface of violent oppression of women and their rights across the country. Some of the tactics being used to intimidate women are rape, murder, and the throwing of acid onto their faces.

You may think that all muslim countries oppress their women, but the history of Iraq would beg to differ. In 1948, Iraq was one of the first countries in the middle east to have a woman judge. Nazila al-Dulaima became one of the first female goverment ministers on the whole Arabian penninsula. More recently during the Saddam Hussein rule, women played an increasing role in government and business. The Ba'ath Party took control in 1968 and proclaimed on of its goals was the equality of men and women.

In 1970 the Ba'athists passed a constitution which made men and women equal in the eyes of the law. During the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) women played an increasing role in the military, oil, science, and other male dominated industries. In 1989, 27 women were elected to Iraq's 250-seat national assembly, that's 10.8%. By comparision, in 1989, the British House of Commons had 41 women out of 650 or 6.3%.

Now many of the rights afforded to women during the Saddam years are being stripped away. Women of Iraq are being forced/intimidated into wearing veils, and not just arab or muslim women, but christian women too. Under the rule of Saddam, women were free to choose whether to wear western-style clothes or the traditional black abaya. Recently, the bodies of dead Iraqi women are showing up in rivers and other spots with the veil tied around their heads. A professor from Babylon University told Lesley Abdela (Iraq's war on women) the story of a young female student who refused to wear the veil despite continued death threats. The woman was raped and murdered, resulting in the professor telling his daughter who also attends the university to wear the veil or leave the school.

Another story of oppression comes from a report by Sahar al-Haideri and Wa'ad Ibraheem of the Institute for War & Peace. It reports the story of a christian lawyer named Ishaq living in Mosul. She received a call in the form of a threat to wear the veil or face death, on her way to work a group of men approached her and threw acid in her face.

It is clear that although life was not peaches & cream under the rule of Saddam, women clearly had western-style rights and privileges. Now what we are seeing is a roll-back of women's rights under the new United States imposed government.


jj said...

People continue to think that Iraq was just like Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Iraq was a secular country under Saddam, one of the few.

Jon Blaze said...

This Blog (Iraq pt 4) doesn't seem to follow its source link (Iraq's war on women). You frame the abuses on women as some sort of acceptable and ratified policy created by the Iraq and US govt. The female author clearly says these abuses of rape and deform are being purpotrated by insurgents and extremist groups. You can't convince me that the broad majority of Iraq people, or anyone for that matter in the civilized world, would condone these abuses. Last I checked extremist groups and insurgents were in the minority. In a fair democracy where women's rights can be addressed, you wouldn't have these wide scale abuses because action would be taken by men and women to stop it. The Iraqi government, by there own admission, is not ready to take on the enemy alone. There will be no voice for Iraq if we bail out and leave them to those who would welcome Taliban like stern rule in a second. Just a guess, I have no proof that after a mass withdrawal the insurgents would then seize control through mass attacks and violence until they gain power, but I'll stand by my guess. And we do know how the Taliban Law looks upon women; it shits on them. I choose us.
Nice page. Alot of articles.

Hey Einstein,
Nice logo. Just add the apple pie and your in. Who are these people you speak of. If they don't know Talibanistan and Iraq weren't similar they probably don't care so stop wasting there time.

jj said...

The Shia dominated south is controled by shia militia's that are enforcing Shiria. Not the official govt. because they do not control the country or have you not noticed.

The problem is we will never control the entire country.
(the same way the Soviet Union never controlled Afghanistan)

We have opened the door for Iran to influence Iraq (also majority Shia)
Guess who will have more influence in Iraq the US or Iran?
We can try all we want to force our ideas on Iraq the people as a whole will never side with us.

As for my logo I like it if you dont to bad.

Jon Balze said...

How do you know what will happen Miss Cleo. Leave them to the dogs you say. Let them fight it out and slaughter away. My post was in response to the blog's suggestion that the US and Iraqi gov approve of, condone, allow the abuses being purpotrated against women and how I feel that is FALSE. Partly due to the article link where the women described the insurgent and extremist mis-treatment of women, but mainly just common sense. Nay sayer.

I need a logo.

jmcmaster said...

wrong jon, I never suggested that the new government or the U.S. condone this type of treatment. I am just pointing out that the women of Iraq had it better before we invaded. Thats it!

jmcmaster said...

No not Miss Cleo jon, did you not see the recent agreement Iraq and Iran signed? You don't have to be Nostradamous to figure out that Iraq will head the way of Islamic rule (Iran,Afghanastan) these people are going to want whatever government is most opposite ours.In every aspect of daily Iraqi life they had it better before we invaded (unless you were directly in the process of being tortured by sadamm or his sons).

jj said...

Jon-Leave them to the dogs you say. Let them fight it out and slaughter away

I do not think anyone is saying cut and run. Only pointing out the lack of planning and shear stupidity of the Iraq war. Frankly even a person of modest intellect should have been able to see the problems coming.

The Winner of the Iraq War is Iran

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