Terror: Here, There, Everywhere

Friday, July 08, 2005

One day after the bombings in London we have to ask ourselves some real questions. Are we winning the war on terror? What is the war on terror? Is Iraq the front in the war on terror, or are we just creating more terrorists? As recently as President Bush's last speech we heard the administrations claim that "we are fighting the terrorists there, so we don't have to face them here." Tell that to the families of the dead and injured from yesterday's bombings. If you are ignorant enough to believe in the propaganda that Bush spews, then how do you explain the attacks yesterday? Clearly this is just rhetoric. We are not fighting terrorists there; we are killing the innocent people of Iraq. Terrorism will not stop when we bomb a nation. Terrorism will only stop when we stand up and stop tolerating our government making decisions on behalf of us, the American people, that cause people to resort to terrorism. Heartless as this may sound, nobody is innocent in these attacks, not as long as we continue to allow our governments to brutalize the people of the world in our name.


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