Would This Fly Here?

Friday, July 01, 2005

An Italian court has charged 13 CIA agents with the kidnapping of a Muslim cleric in February 2003. Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr was drugged and taken away while walking to a mosque in Milan. The Italian government has made the charge because it claims the CIA did not inform them of the abduction. Whether this man is a terrorist or not remains to be seen. What is most disturbing is the way the United States government is acting across the world.
Ask yourself how the U.S. would respond to, say, the Russian KGB snatching a citizen off the streets of New York without informing the government of their intent. Well, this is how your government works now. When they think they have a suspect, they just scoop them up no matter where on the globe they are. We do this with total disregard for the laws and rules of the country we are acting in. I guess the criminal justice system and our courts and laws are no longer needed: the government says you're bad, then you disappear!


jj said...

I fear that it will fly here. The Constitution is slowly being eroded and still very few are paying attention.
I also posted on this a few days ago and I think it may be a little payback for the way Bush treats ally's and all country's. the lack of respect we show will come back to haunt us when these very country's start electing anti American leaders. Imagine what our foes will elect or appoint.

Anonymous said...

I think it's alright if the CIA scoops people up. That's how all wars should be fought. One on one - it's not like terrorists don't deal in shady forms of justice. If the CIA tracks down people and does it's job well, then maybe the poor folks fighting overseas can get home sooner, we can stop wasting so much money and so many lives on this war. I hope the CIA scoops up people who can lead us to Bin Laden, this way our poeple can come home and the Iraquis can have electricity and peace.

jmcmaster said...
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jmcmaster said...
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