English Terrorism: What Excuse Will They Use Now?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Funny how the truth finds a way to wiggle itself free from the chains of lies. British ITV news has reported a leak in the investigation into the shooting of Charles De Menezes, who I wrote about previously in a post titled: Judge, Jury and Executioner. The facts are starting to ooze out based on eyewitness accounts and closed circuit TV footage.

The original account from police claimed they were immediately concerned with the "suspect" (you might want to substitute "innocent man" here) due to his clothing, which they claim was a bulky winter coat. Wrong! It comes as no surprise that, just as the family of Mr. De Menezes has claimed all along, he was in fact wearing a denim jacket. Doesn't that sound suspicious? Who knows what he had under that denim jacket! Maybe he had patches on it.

The second and most disturbing piece of information to leak out flies in the face of the official report, to which Blair and Lord Stevens all but congratulated the officers for their work under "stress". The original account from police claimed officers drew their weapons and ordered Mr. De Menezes to "stop", at which time the "suspect" ignored orders, ran into the subway station, hurdled a ticket barrier, and leaped onto the Northern Line train. Wrong! It turns out Mr. De Menezes was never approached or ordered to stop. The truth is that Mr. De Menezes casually walked to Stockwell Station, actually stopping to pick up a newspaper before he rode down the escalator, boarded the train and sat down. This is when British terrorists, call them police if you will, pumped 7 shots at close range into the skull and face of Mr. De Menezes. How terrifying: a Brazilian man dressed in a denim jacket buying a newspaper and boarding the train!

Remember, this is the policy of the British police. It is the policy implemented by then Commissioner of the Met, Lord Stevens. This same policy is backed by Tony Blair and George Bush; the "shoot-to-kill-to-protect" policy. Explain to me how shooting and killing an innocent man protects anyone? Who dies in the name of "security" tomorrow? You, me?


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