Enough Is Enough

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Here we are, August 3, 2005, continuing our illegal occupation of Iraq. Despite what the Bush administration continues to say, things are not getting better. They are progressively getting worse. Iraqi security forces are under-equipped and ill-trained, if not outright corrupt. Electricity and water availability have dipped to levels never before seen in Iraq. Unemployment is at it's highest and people's properties are in ruins.

What Iraq didn't have before the United States illegaly attacked:
*Weapons of Mass Destruction
*Chemical Weapons
*Nuclear Weapons
*Technology to deploy chemical/nuclear/biological weapons
*Car bombs
*Ties with Al-Queda
*Yellow cake
*Mobile chemical weapons labs
*Any connection to 9/11
*Chaos in the streets

What Iraq has now, after the invasion and occupation:
*Car bombs
*Limited electricity
*Limited gas
*Limited water
*Occupying forces
*Plundered archeaological sites
*Bombed mosques
*Cities in ruins ( like Fallujah)
*Over 100,000 dead Iraqi's
*Estimated 1,000 to 2,000 tons of Depleted Uranium (something I will address soon)

More recently, 37 U.S. military personnel have been killed in the last 10 days alone, bringing the total U.S. military death toll to more than 1,800. An even more under-reported statistic is the 6,568 wounded U.S. soldiers, and these aren't paper cuts. These are the kind of things that are happening to "our" boys when they are not out kicking in doors and stealing money and jewelry from the Iraqis we are "liberating"(if you don't believe our troops would do this type of thing check out the documentary Soldier's Pay and hear it from them).

A recent GAO report on Iraqi spending shows a complete "cluster fuck", for lack of a better word. Contracts are given without any documentation or paperwork, money is un-accounted for and corruption is rampant. Halliburton and other "Americanalistic" companies are reaping huge rewards for stealing the resources of Iraq.

Is this all worth it? Did we do what we (Bush) said we were going to do in Iraq? The "insurgency" is not dying down, security forces are not being trained/equipped well, and all we have brought to the average Iraqi is death and destruction. Please, it is time we push this administration harder to leave Iraq! Let the people of Iraq rule and govern Iraq, let them have their oil and resources. Why must we push "our version" of democracy on the people of Iraq?

Enough is enough; it is time to end this war.


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