Hurricane Katrina and the War

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How do you think the people of Louisiana feel about the war in Iraq right now? Martial law has been declared in New Orleans, as hurricane Katrina slams the coast. What does this have to do with George Bush and his decision to go to war?

The National Guard was established to well, guard the nation. Right now there are 8,902 National Guard and reserves serving in Iraq from Mississippi and Louisiana. These are thousands of people who could be home defending and protecting their homes and cities.

This is not a new problem, just public now. Back on August 1, 2005 ran this article: " LA National Guard Wants Equipment to Come Back From Iraq." The article exposed the problem of equipment taken to Iraq, namely: high water vehicles, humvees, refuelers and generators.

Wake up America, we have not made ourselves more secure with this illegal war. What has happened is that we have drained resources from the homeland thus exposing ourselves to attacks or natural disaters.

To make all this worse the Bush administration is destroying FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) the Cabinet-level agency that deals with natural disaters. The Department of Homeland Security has downgraded FEMA. They are no longer responsible for disaster preparedness. The only thing the Bush administration is concerned with is a possible terrorist attack, never mind the hurricanes and other natural disasters that are much more common.

Once again the Bush administration is not making us any more safe, just more scared so they can strip us of our rights. Eric Holdeman, director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management puts it best in his article: Destroying FEMA,
"To be sure, America may well be hit by another major terrorist attack, and we must be prepared for such an event. But I can guarantee you that hurricanes like the one that ripped into Louisiana and Mississippi yesterday, along with tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, windstorms, mudslides, power outages, fires and perhaps a pandemic flu will have to be dealt with on a weekly and daily basis throughout this country. They are coming for sure, sooner or later, even as we are, to an unconscionable degree, weakening our ability to respond to them."


jj said...

Great find. Maybe now people will realize the war in Iraq has made us less safe in many ways.

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