Military Lawyers Speak: GITMO Military Tribunal "Rigged"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

With the "trials" in GITMO set to start up again thanks in part to Judge Roberts, the recent memos obtained by various news sources from two former military prosecutors offer a great view into the process.

These memos were sent to the Office of Military Commissions in March of 2003, from prosecutors Major Robert Preston and Captain John Carr. Once again, if you claim to support the troops then listen to them speak of the actions of this administration.

Major Preston wrote in his memo: "I consider the insistence on pressing ahead with cases that would be marginal even if properly prepared to be a severe threat to the reputation of the military justice system and even a fraud on the American people." He went on to say: "Surely they don't expect that this fairly half-arsed effort is all that we have been able to put together after all this time." In the most telling part of the memo Major Preston expresses his dilemma with the process: "I lie awake worrying about this every night." "After all, writing a motion saying that the process will be full and fair when you don't really believe it is kind of hard, particularly when you want to call yourself an officer and a lawyer."

Captain John Carr had this to say of the GITMO proceedings: "When I volunteered to assist with this process and was assigned to this office, I expected there would at least be a minimal effort to establish a fair process and diligently prepare cases against significant accused. Instead, I find a half-hearted and disorganised effort by a skeleton group of relatively inexperienced attorneys to prosecute fairly low-level accused in a process that appears to be rigged." Later in the memo, Captain Carr had this to say: "You [chief prosecutor] have repeatedly said to the office that the military panel will be handpicked and will not acquit these detainees and that we only needed to worry about building a record for the review panel."

So there you go, straight from a Captain and a Major in the armed services who were assigned to prosecute the "detainees": the process is corrupt and rigged. The people in GITMO are low-level accused who have been illegally detained, tortured and now are being dragged through a kangaroo court. How can anyone support the detention of these people? Even the administration is starting to admit that most of the detainees are not the "most dangerous" people that they had previously claimed. This is obvious from the recent Bush plan to release nearly 70% of the 510 detainees from Guantanamo.


jj said...

This should come as no suprise BushCO has rigged everything else why not military justice.

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