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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here is another E-mail from Dahr Jamail regarding the ongoing conflict in Iraq. This is the type of account we don't get from our "media". Once again here it is, if you support this war then you support this type of practice...sleep well.

*** Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches **** ***

This is an appeal written by Iraqi Doctors concerning what is happening in western Iraq. It is both extremely informative as well as an important appeal. Operations in many of these areas are on going today,despite the fact that this press release is a week old: Doctors for Iraq warns of urgent humanitarian crisis as us/Iraq military attacks continue in the west of Iraq* As US/ Iraqi military attacks continue in Haditha, Rawa, Parwana and Heet in the West of Iraq, Doctors for Iraq is warning of an urgent health and humanitarian crisis unfolding on the ground.Haditha, Rawa and Parwana have been under attack for the past three weeks with US/ Iraqi military activities intensifying over the past fewdays. The main hospitals in the area are reporting shortages of medicine oxygen, sugerical kits, anti-biotics and other basic medicines. Civilians have fled to neighbouring towns and villages such as Ana andare in need of basic foods, water and shelter. Shop keepers are unable to open their premises because of the US/ Iraqi operation, and trucks with urgent food supplies are facing serious difficulties entering the seiged areas. Eyewitnesses and medical personal have told Doctors For Iraq that snipers are operating inside some of the seiged cities. Haditha hospital estimates that at least eleven civilians were killed during the attack and 15 injured. The US military prevented ambulances from entering the areas and medics from working freely. The area remains under siege. Local people say that US marines invaded the town of Rawa and carried out air strikes bombing many buildings and homes. It unclear how many civilians have been killed or injured in the areas where the military is carrying out operations a school building in Parwana was bombed with people inside the school. It is unclear how many people were inside the school and who they were. Doctors for Iraq has organised for medical aid to reach some of the hospitals and a medical team has been sent to the affected areas. The military operations in the West of Iraq have left the health care system paralysed. Hospitals in the area are unable to provide sufficient medical services for the population. The new military attacks are further compounding the suffering of people in the area. Doctors for Iraq is calling for the *_immediate_* *_end_* of US/ Iraqi military attacks in the area. Doctors for Iraqi is calling for an independent investigation into the serious breaches of the Geneva Convention, the alleged killing of civilians and obstructing medical personal from carrying out there work. We need urgent medical supplies to be delivered to the hospitals in the area.


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