White House Reports: President Bush's Second Term Accomplishments and Agenda

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This post may be asking a bit much, but here's my request: go to the White House website and read the new fact sheet: President Bush's Second Term Accomplishments and Agenda. It may take a minute, but really read it and the propaganda within. Some people may just write this post off as Bush-bashing but it is not. This is a real critique of his supposed accomplishments and agenda. The "fact sheet" is broken down into categories so I will address each of these.

Economic Growth:
1. The American Economy Is Growing And Creating Jobs. I don't think I have to put up numbers or stats here. If you live in America, ask yourself how much better is the economy now? When was the last time you got a raise? How much have gas/oil bills increased?

2. The Deficit Is Decreasing. No thanks to Bush's tax cuts. Despite the bloated numbers the administration originally projected for the deficit and the subsequent actual deficit being a bit lower, it is not decreasing. The only thing that has decreased is the "projected" deficit.

The Central America And Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement:
1. Bush signed CAFTA to "level the playing field for U.S. workers and create new markets for American goods. Bush claims that this will keep jobs in the United States. Is that what free trade has done for America? Or are we losing our jobs to out-sourcing?

2. CAFTA makes America safer and supports young democracies in the region. I honestly don't know how to respond to this ridiculous statement, exept to say, how? (The President does not explain...)

Energy Legislation:
1. President Bush will sign into law the first national energy plan in more than a decade. This is true; it is an energy plan. However, it does not address our growing dependence on foreign oil, nor does it address global warming. It does give more money to Halliburton and other energy companies in Texas, and it does ignore alternative energy sources such as solar and wind technologies.

Highway Bill:
1. President Bush will sign into law the highway bill. I don't usually quote or reference a Robert Novak article, but he hits the nail right on the head with his assesment: this bill is full of pork.

Patient Saftey Bill:
1. President Bush signed the patient safety and quality improvement act of 2005. What does this bill do? Well, in general, the legislation encourages health professionals to confidentially report errors. Patient safety organizations would be established to analyze them, look for weaknesses in the system and recommend ways to reduce mistakes and save lives -- without setting off an avalanche of malpractice lawsuits. That sounds great for doctors: make a mistake and avoid a malpractice suit. Sounds like more of Bush's support for the rich and powerful at the expense of the average American.

Class Action Reform:
1. The President signed class action reform to curb lawsuit abuse. This takes the class action lawsuit away from state courts where the people involved have issue, and turns them over to the Federal Courts where it is much harder to get a case processed. What this does is effectively stop groups of citizens from suing large corporations for damages.

Bankruptcy Reform:
1. President Bush signed Bankruptcy reform that makes the system fairer for creditors and debtors. This bill pretty much wipped out the ability for the average American to claim bankruptcy. I could go further into detail however, I direct you to my post on this subject from 4-1-05 in the archives.

A Disciplined Budget Resolution:
1. President Bush is calling on Congress to deliver a fair and disciplined budget. Obviously, it is convenient for Bush to ask Congress to do something when it benefits him (I guess there is no way to pass a budget while Congress is on recess).

War Supplemental :
1. President Bush delivered the funds our troops need to fight and win the war on terror. Did he really? Or, were the troops complaining of being ill-equipped? What about the unarmored Hummers and the soldiers without bullet proof vests? Not to mention equipment that was never meant to be used in desert warfare.

1. No child left behind is working. Is no child left behind working? It sure is for the armed service recruiters who now have access to schools and student information under this new program. Fact is that no child left behind may indeed work, but to date it has been grossly underfunded.

Judge Roberts:
1. President Bush calls on the Senate to confirm Judge John Roberts before October 3rd. If the Senate does not confirm Roberts, Bush will just wait untill they are on recess. Once again I would go more in depth into this subject had it not been discussed in a previous post (7-20-05 in the archives).

Social Security:
1. President Bush is working hard to strengthen social security for future generations. His "hard work" was a program that would take your money and invest it into the not-so-stable stock market. We all know about this mess.

1. President Bush has called on Congress to make his tax relief permanent, repeal the death tax, and reform tax code. There really is no way to spin Bush's tax cut to the rich as a tool for economic growth, though the administration has tried. This tax "relief" does not help the economy. It is a break for the richest in the country, the people who have lived the "American dream" and now don't want to give back.

Immigration Reform:
1. President Bush supports comprehensive immigration reform. Nobody wants illegal immigrants in the country taking jobs away from American workers, but isn't this supposed to be a melting pot? Everyone reading this (except Native Americans) should be thankful for our immigration policies, since at some point we were all immigrants.

1. President Bush's new medicare coverage will ensure everyone on medicare has better choices. This is a complex issue and I confess to not have the knowledge to dive into this subject so I will link to a statement by Rep. Pete Stark.

2. President Bush supports efforts to institute savings in medicaid.

Welfare Reform:
1. The President supports welfare reform. No he doesn't, and having never been on welfare he has no idea what it is about. His program will mandate recipients to put in 40 hour weeks either working or doing "work activities". This may sound nice, but take it from someone who came from a single mother household that was on welfare: if a person on welfare could work a 40 hour week that paid enough to support their family, they would. Along with this, the 2005 budget cuts low-income child-care funding by $300,000. The Healthy Marriage Plan is Bush's real welfare reform bill. This bill doles out $1.7 billion in federal and state funds to marry off the poor women of America and get them off welfare. The "Healthy Marriage Plan" is tucked into the FY2005 budget, giving out grants for such things as "healthy marriage promotion and research", while further limiting options for women and the gay community.

President Bush Is Committed To Winning The War On Terror:
1. America Is Fighting Terrorism Across The World. Are we really fighting terrorism across the world, or are we interfering with people and governments? Do our actions just help create terrorism by alienating and exploiting other countries? And for the record, terrorism is a form of warfare not an enemy.

2. The President Calls On Congress To Complete Reauthorization Of The Patriot Act. Honestly, this would take another post to explain all the ways that the Patriot Act is raping the American people of their liberties. What the Patriot Act definitely does is trample all over the Fourth Amendment, just to name one.

3. A Strategy For Sucess In Iraq. Whoa, did I miss something here? We have been in Iraq for over 3 years and I see no strategy for success. Once again, this would require multiple posts. Fortunately, I have already posted on this topic multiple times. There is no strategy and if there was one, it is not working.


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