Home Heating Heartache: Food vs. Heat

Friday, September 23, 2005

Break out the vaseline and bend over, here comes old man winter. Massachusetts lawmakers today announced a new energy package in anticipation of the coming price increases for oil and gas to heat your home.

In the proposal there is a $800 one-time home heating tax deduction for homeowners. Sorry, if you rent an apartment then go broke or freeze! Another issue I have with this proposal is the numbers they quote. According to the Telegram & Gazette article, natural gas users can expect to see an increase in costs from $1000 last year to $1800 this year. The article fails to explain where or how it came up with these numbers which I proclaim to be incorrect. Heating my apartment last year with natural gas cost me over $500 a month. A friend of mine who heats a larger apartment with oil spent well over $500 a month. A homeowner friend of mine who heats his house with propane spends over $800 a month for heat in the winter. So once again I call out the Gazette and their bogus $1000 number, that is unless the number was $1000 a month for heating last year.

This shows how inept the new energy package is. It may be a nice gesture but what good does a $800 tax credit do when you pay more than $800 a month to heat your house for 5-6 months of the year. The proposal does some to help out the poor with energy assistance but again too little too late and the people left "out in the cold" are the middle class workers.

Here is the good news folks: don't worry, I am sure that much like Congress our bosses will be generous enough to give us all here in the Northeast a "cost-of-living" raise. Oh right, Congress gets to vote on their raises themselves, my bad.


Jay Denari said...

How can you pay $500 a month just for heat? Sounds like you're being fleeced big time.

We live in a small house and had to fill our oil tank twice last year -- around Nov. and around mid-March, IIRC. Total cost was around $1100, and we still have about 70% of that second tank left. Obviously, we expect it to be higher this year, but nowhere near THAT high.

jmcmaster said...

Well I would imagine most of the problem is the old house I live in is not very efficient. Forced hot water radiators in every room.

Daniel said...

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