Pre-Emptive Nuclear War: More Administration Secrecy

Thursday, September 22, 2005

On Monday of this week the Pentagon removed from it's website a Joint Chiefs Of Staff publication finished on March 15, 2005, entitled: Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations. I have urged people to read this document in the past as it is an invaluable insight into the future of war for America. This document lays out scenarios in which the United States would use nuclear weapons on it's enemies. Clearly the government does not want the people to see how they are trying to resurrect nuclear weaponry. There is no reason ever to use nuclear weapons! Our government lies to the world about trying to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Well, actually Bush and company are not lying. They want all the weapons for themselves so no other country can challenge the mighty America unless they want the Nagasaki/Hiroshima treatment.

Once again I beg you to print this document and read it when you can. Please don't delay. This information will not be available for much longer. How dare we know the truth!


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