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Monday, September 26, 2005

I have been sitting on some information for almost a year now, not sure how to deliver it or if anyone would be interested. Now, in the wake of the recent hurricanes and the way our government handled these situations, I believe the time is ripe for this information to be illuminated.

The Committee on Government Reform's publishes a "Policy and Supporting Positions", otherwise known as the Plum Book. I have a copy of this publication and I am very interested in sharing the wealth of knowledge it contains.

The subject at hand is the appointment of less than qualified or just plain cronies to positions within the U.S. government. This includes the cabinet and a list of more than 3,000 government positions the President is allowed to fill.

What I am asking for is the best way to deliver this information. Now, after seeing how Mike Brown's appointment related to everyday people, it may be interesting to find out who Bush is appointing to various government agencies and the background of these people. It is definitely too much information to comprise a single post, so maybe someone has some ideas how to best relay this valuable information.


jj said...

Maybe a weekly series highlight the cronyism. Like 5-10 a week. You could probably go for a year the way Bush works. Cant wait to read yoour posts.

Time has a story on this.

Daedalus said...

Perhaps you just bring it up as a new appointment comes along. There are several each month, you just have to pay attention to Congress' agenda.

The weekly series is good, too.

Jon Blaze said...

"cronyism" hmmm. Is this something new? Get real. Why has the phrase "it's not what you know but who you know" existed far longer than this administration. Do some real justice and show all sides. If a precious Democrat gets elected in '08 will they not do the same? I'm not saying it isn't rampant now, it obvously is, just that it always will be. Sounds like Hitler is trying to convince the dumbest of dumb that only Bush has done this.

jmcmaster said...

I don't disagree Jon, actually it was JFK who really launched this era of cronyism (his brother). That being said Bush has taken it to a new level, and put people in important jobs. You want to hire some crony's fine, have them pushing pencils or walking the family dog, not head of the EPA and FEMA and other agencies.

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