Truly Shameful

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What is the definition of a leader? If the last 5 years hasn't shown time and time again that George Bush lacks leadership qualities, then Katrina is a punch in the face. Once again during this disaster Bush has proven his lack of respect for the people he serves, Americans.

Cuba has offered to send 1,600 medics, field hospitals and 83 tons of medical supplies to Katrina stricken areas. The offer was made shortly after Katrina hit New Orleans and even now the doctors are on standby awaiting an answer from Bush. What does the administration have to say about this very generous offer from Cuba? State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the team from Cuba would not be needed because there was a "robust response from the American medical community." White House press secretary Scott McClellan said this about the Cuban offer: "When it comes to Cuba, we have one message for Fidel Castro: He needs to offer the people of Cuba their freedom."

Cuba is not the only "non-friendly" country to offer assistance to America in our time of need. Last week, Iran offered to send the United Stated 20 million barrels of crude oil. I don't have to tell you that America needs help in the area of oil; just go to your nearest gas station. State Department executive secretary Harry Thomas Jr. has stated the offer was rejected because it was conditional.

We all know that Cuba and Iran are not two of America's closest allies, but in a time when Americans are dying in the streets, their assistance is invaluable. Why can't Bush just set aside our differences for a day and welcome the goodwill of others? This may strike to the heart of why Bush is not a true leader. These are the days and times when we should be reaching out to our non-allies to try to bridge the gap that separates us. Why doesn't Bush see the opportunity in these offers to open the lines of communication? I am going out on a limb here, but I would venture to guess that the homeless, dying and sick in New Orleans don't have a beef with Iran or Cuba right now. I bet they would just like to stay alive and appreciate the goodwill of man.


The Communist Chinese were able to evacuate millions before the typhoon. The Communist Cubans evacuated their people successfully with no loss of life before a hurricane. George Bush couldn't organize a bake sale.

Sarah said...

No, but lets not forget what he is capable of: the biggest paradigm shift in my lifetime. His administration has contorted the meaning of being American, of words like freedom and war and liberty... They are twisted to support a campaign of propaganda, misinformation, and profiteering.

To shun the goodwill of these purported Communist countries is complete hypocrisy.

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