Are You Insulted America?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Last week, President Bush give a brief statement regarding Scooter Libby being indicted on 5 charges. Bush urged all Americans to remember that Mr. Libby is innocent untill proven guilty, that is our system of justice, was his message to Americans.

I was amazed once again with the absolute "vanilla" style with which this administration uses it's propaganda and spin. They do not fabricate intricate stories and illusions, no they simply state their view/reality and America devours it without hesitation. How could this man stand there in the Rose Garden looking directly into the camera and state with a straight face that all men are innocent untill proven guilty. Of course here in the U.S. "according to the Constitution" we are all innocent untill proven guilty, but for that so-called leader to make this statement is an insult to every man and women here in America. It is an insult to your intelligence not to mention completly disrepectful to this country. I would like Bush to make that statement to Edgar Padilla! I would welcome Mr. Bush to make that same statement to the people illegally captured and held/tortured in GITMO!

Never before has an administration gone to such lenghts to strip Americans and other people of the world from this fundamental birth right. Neither Mr. Padilla (see previous post) nor any persons held in GITMO have been formally charged with a crime yet all these people are detained behind bars for in some cases over 3 years now. I ask you, are these people considered innocent untill proven guilty? There has been an inditment and there is evidence against Mr. Libby. Why has he not been afforded the same treatment?

I know this is not the first time the administration and the Republicans have double-talked us if not straight out lied to our faces but for some reason this instance has my blood boiling. What I don't understand: why are the majority of Americans not as outraged as I? Are there other people who want to grab Bush by the throat and choke some sense into him? There should be, America you should be outraged! When Bush makes these comments he is insulting your intelligence, they believe that you are stupid or scared.

I can gaurantee you this America, no matter how non-violent you may you would not allow someone to insult you and mock you on a daily basis. You would not allow someone to look you in the face and lie to you. You would not allow a person to distort matters when you know the concrete facts. No America I venture to say that you would not allow this you would stand up for yourself, you would correct this person. Maybe you would just give them a good old fashioned ass-whooping. Why then do we allow the person who represents each and every one of us and our country to act in this manner?

When we stop citizens from boarding the subway in New York are we considering all men and women innocent untill proven guilty? Has Mr. Padilla, confined to a naval brig for more than 3 years ever been considered innocent untill proven guilty? Are the men of GITMO, being held in cages for more than 3 years considered innocent untill proven guilty?


Anonymous said...

Good post. That was the same thought I had when he said that. Innocent until proven guilty unless of course Bush calls you an "Enemy Combatant" then no rights for you.

jj said...

that was my post oops.

GW as President is an insult to America. He is the antithesis of democracy and freedom.

YubbaYab said...

intellectual insurgent said it quite well...

jon blaze said...

Since when has Bush had a cake walk in the court of public opinion? He has been a punching bag since day 1. His numbers are dropping and things aren't "looking up" as of now so enjoy what you have asked for, because it's here. change your anger into answer and maybe people will start to really listen.

Jon Blaze says: "Since when has Bush had a cake walk in the court of public opinion?"

Well, Jon, all you have to do is look back at the polls from his election in 2000 through the early days of the Iraq war in 2003 and you'll see the cake walk. It's the very fact that he enjoyed such huge American and world public support that makes it all the more astounding and shameful that he squandered it all and now has the lowest public opinion polls since Richard Nixon. "His numbers are dropping,", you say? Now that's an understatement.

And quite frankly, a little anger is a good thing. In fact, the American people ought to be outraged by this man's incompetence and irresponsibility. It's what will motivate Americans to make the changes that are needed. And the first part of the "answer," as you call it, is to kick his allies in the House and the Senate out on their ears. And cleaning up the Democratic Party is part and parcel of that process.

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