Supreme Court Under Attack: Harriet Miers

Monday, October 03, 2005

What is happening to the U.S. Supreme Court? Last week Judge Roberts was confirmed as the chief justice of the court, a position usually filled from within. It took William Rehnquist 11 years of service on the Supreme Court before he was promoted to Chief Justice. Not in the Bush era however. In these days and times you get your promotion before you even start work.

This leads us to this morning when President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to fill the final vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. Once again Bush has flown in the face of standard practice and nominated someone with zero experience as a judge. How could she possibly be qualified to be one of the highest ranking judges in the country? It is simple: this is classic Bush cronyism, only this time he raised the stakes.

Since Ms. Miers has never served a day as a judge it is interesting to examine her "qualifications":

*She received her schooling from Southern Methodist University, finishing her studies in 1970.

*From 1970-1972 she worked as a clerk for U.S. District Judge Joe Estes.

* In 1972 she took a job as a lawyer for the firm Locke, Purnell, Raine & Harrell, where she stayed until 1999 serving as, among others, George W. Bush's personal lawyer.

*In 1992 she became the President of the Texas Bar Association.

*Ms. Meirs served on George Bush's gubernatorial campaign in 1994 (she also served on his presidential campaign in 2000).

*She served as Chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission from 1995-2000 when she resigned.

*Her close ties to George Bush continued in 2000 when she was hired as the Assistant to the President while also serving as Staff Secretary.

*Ms. Miers was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for the White House in 2003.

*In 2004 she was named the White House Counsel.

So why not, America? Let's fill the Supreme Court vacancy with a person who has as much experience as a judge as I do. Urge the Congress to confirm another Bush crony! Why not look how good the last crony (I mean Mike Brown) did.

For some more good information on Ms. Miers, check out this post by Attytood it goes a little more into detail about Miers and her time as President of the Texas Bar Association and as the Chairwoman for the Texas Lottery Commission.


Although I cannot stand Emperor Bush, the only silver lining I see on his choice of Miers is that it breaks the elitist cycle of the Supreme Court. The overwhelming majority of justices are graduates of Harvard, Yale and Stanford law schools. These are, undoubtedly, impressive qualifications, but they have long defined (and restricted) who gets into the 9-man room that affects the nation. She's from Southern Methodist law, which is ranked #52 in the nation.

Jon Blaze said...

gotta love the media. MSNBC is actually quoting from her high school year book to give "insight" into this mystery Meirs!! I was voted most gullible and voted for Bush. Maybe they are onto something.

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