Chemical Weapons: Not So New News

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In yet another example of top-notch journalism the BBC yesterday ran an article about the United States use of phosphorus weapons during the siege of Fallujah exactly one year ago. For all those who have had their heads in the sand for the past year this is a breaking story. Unfortunatly, while the story is true it is not new news. I myself wrote about this war crime in a post dated March 24, 2005, and anyone who reads Dahr Jamail's reporting from Iraq would have been aware of this atrocity last year. Certainly people and the administration will deny this practice but all one has to do is read the reports from doctors in Fallujah and look at the photos of the dead people and animals from that city and one can see the fingerprint of chemical use.

Maybe someone could correct me here but didn't we invade Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction? Once again America here is our government carrying out practices that we would sanction and or invade other countries for. Is this how we liberate the oppressed peoples of the world? Fallujah is not the only city in Iraq that this type of warfare is being instituted, there are more cities. There is a major offensive going on right now, operation steel curtain. I ask you to do some research and examine the way in which we are carrying out this war in the cities of Iraq. The United States is using a system of collective punishment on the people of Iraq, we are destroying the cities and peoples of this once beautiful country. How can you be proud to be a citizen of a country who commits this type of outright war crime?


The irony and hypocrisy is overwhelming. The pro-war camp is pschizophrenic. One minute, they hate all Iraqis and want to kill them all. The next minute, the U.S. is there to bring democracy to those wonderful, innocent victims of a ruthless (U.S. supported) despot.

Sarah said...

Along with the BBC, Al Jazeera also covered this recently due to a news story on Italian television. Hey, the bandwagon's here- jump on! It must be OK to talk about this now! So, a year from now, what will the BBC be covering about Iraq? Depleted uranium? Torture? War crimes? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

jj said...

The reporting has been a joke. From the run up to war to questions about intel manipulation.

I just wonder how many journalists are being used by the White House or are being willing participants? (Miller & Woodward)

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