Zawahiri Video: The Real Message

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On Monday Ayman Zawahiri released a recently made video tape threatening the United States and exposing the fact that he was not killed in the United States bombing of Pakistan on January 13th. The administration had initially claimed Zawahiri was the target of the illegal bombing and had been killed. Six days later the administration claimed Al Qaeda's chemical weapons expert had been in the "vicinity" of the bombing; it turned out to be yet another bogus justification for the bombing of a village.

The new video will no doubt be analyzed and debated in constant rotation in the days to come with the real story being overlooked. Despite the Bush administration claims of who may have been in the area and who may have been killed the facts are the facts. We do know who was killed that day in Pakistan. 18 people were murdered by cowards high above in the skies wearing American flags. 10 of the 18 confirmed killed were women and children, a far cry from Al Qaeda's number two man and a supposed weapons expert. Once again we get a behind the scenes look at the real American military...murderers of women and children.

Not only did the United States (without any approval from Pakistan) launch an airstrike on a village, but the only people they killed were innocent women and children. The supposed target is now making new videos. A new corner of the world was exposed to the American Way and a new generation has valid reason to hate the West. Once again the only thing Bush has accomplished here is to strengthen the core and help recruitment for the group they claim we are at war with.

Here are some parting thoughts: what if Zawahiri was in the area of the bombing? What if he had been killed in the airstrike over Pakistan? Would the death of Al Queda's second in command be an acceptable tradeoff for the lives of 10 women and children? If the answer is yes, than what does that say about our country? It begs the question: Who are the real terrorists?


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